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if any of yall have a pesterchum please pester me, you don't have to ask to pester. just do it.

i am taciturnAlbinsim 
why am i like this
As of late there's been a lot of flaming on underage artists and such, and overall a lot of bullying and name calling??? I don't exactly understand why people think it's funny and/or amusing to point fingers and laugh at people who are upset? I understand that some of the vent art and a bunch of things that are being posted may be funny or even fake--

But if it's not hurting you, is it that hard just to leave it alone?
i know literally no one reads these but i am super fucking happy about finally having a computer, which means i get to write more.
and when i write more it means good things.

i am a very excited child and i dont know what the hell i wanna do. 
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I think the worst part about not having a tablet to draw on, or a scanner is that you can't really do a lot of doodling. I'm sort of stuck in a limbo with writing and drawing but I just don't know what to do to be honest. Ah well, I might do some writing.  
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  • Playing: i'm thinking about playing space funeral
  • Eating: i just ate a shit ton of chips
  • Drinking: aguas yo, gotta keep my face hydrated
honestly the worst feeling is when you are sitting there

almost vibrating with inspiration and you're like


but then you just

man it's honestly been wayyy too long since i've been on deviant art

i should do it more often.